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Motor Mount 2 Build Instructions (MM2)

Motor Mount 2 (MM2)

New for 2015 is the A700-MM2 – Motor Mount 2.
The motor mount allows for four different modes of motor mount flex and improves the method for setting motor gear mesh.


Included within the 2015 Car Lines
  • A700 Evo II
  • A700 Evo IIC
  • A700L2

Or as an upgrade to existing Awesomatix cars.  Requires the AM01-1 Gear Box included within every kit except for the original A700.  Various degrees of motor mount flex are offered via MM2 with prior generations of chassis (details below).

A700-MM2 is comprised of-

  • A700-AM69
  • A700-AM70
  • A700-AM73-1
  • A700-AM73-3
  • A700-AM73-4
  • Various screws and shims

Assembly Diagrams



Motor Mount 2 Build Instructions

  1. Start by assembling the AM73-3 and AM73-4 with SB3x5 screws and use a 1mm shim to prevent the screw from extending into the AM73-4 [as seen in Diagram 1]
  2. From the bottom of the AM73-1 insert two SB3x10 screws into the recessed section and add 3x 1mm and 2x 0.1mm shims onto each screw [as seen in Diagram 1]
  3. Attached the AM73-3/AM73-4 assembly to the AM73-1 [as seen in Diagram 1]
  4. Insert the SS3x8 fully into the AM73-1  [as seen in Diagram 1]
  5. Next attach the AM69 to the AM73-1 with two SF3x5.  At this time you must choose if your going to run the battery forward (F2 position on setup sheets) or backward (F1 position on setup sheets) [as seen in Diagram 1]
  6. Next add one P25 plastic Battery Clamp, and one AM15-1 Battery Nut with two SF3x10 screws onto the end of the AM69 [as seen in Diagram 2]
  7. Now you need to plan your initial MM2 Flex Configuration as you attach the motor mount to the chassis

Flex Configuration Diagram


Motor Addition Diagrams


Motor Addition Detailed Instructions

Adding the motor to the car is best left to once the chassis is completely built out.

  1. Start by securing the AM70 to your 540 size motor.  The plate using one SB3x8 and one SF3x8 [as seen in Diagram 3].
  2. Now secure the AM70 + Motor assembly to the AM73-1 plate already mounted on the chassis.  Use one 1mm shim per SB3x8 screw [as seen in Diagram 4].  Loctite recommended.
  3. The AM70 will cover the SS3x8 installed within the AM73-1.  You can use the set screw to make fine gear mesh adjustments.


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