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Gear Diff GD2

The GD2 is the second version of the Gear diff from Awesomatix. Its more smooth than the first version and offers more volume for oil.

Here are not many Tricks aviable. Sometimes you have to cut/sand some edges a bit from the gears.
(TIP: use Asso Green Slime for the O-ring at the outdrive axles, this prevent from leaking!)

We recomment to use a 5.000 oil as initial for this Gear Diff.
Fill it until the first edge of the case side without the cross piece. After this screw booth cases togehter.
(TIP: Our Team Drivers break in theire diff’s after a rebuild. This means they put the diff into the car and hit the throttle a bit.  During this they hold alternately the right and left tire. This makes the diff heating up very fast. If the GD is hot, they put it out of the car and disasemble one outdrive. Then unscrew the grubscrew and the oil which is to much inside will come out automaticaly. With this method your GD2 will be every time perfect filled !)