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Damper/Spring setup (Spring rates chart)

Leaf spring

A speciality of all Awesomatix Cars are the leaf springs compared to a normal TC with coil springs.
This means for the Awesomatix are only two different springs aviable. A soft type spring (marked with S) and the Std. hard spring.
The advantage of this springs are we dont need to change the springs to increase stiffnes. We can change very fast the point where the spring bends arround.

Rotation Damper

Compared to Normal TC cars a awesomatix have no vertical mounted damper. The car have some rotation dampers which mounted very low on the main chassis to have a very low CG !! The first version of the Awesomatix dampers worked during some friction between some caps inside each other. Between there were used some 60K silicon oil to create the friction.
This dampers are permanently closed and can’t be opened by the customer.
The new D2 dampers work different.  Here we have a Rotor with 4 blades inside the damper case which supresses the silicon oil.
By this dampers the customer can change the oil and use this also as a new setup option.

But same as on the first version you can change the stiffnes of the damping also during moving the damper more out or more in.
So this means you can change the stiffnes of damper very fast without changing the oil !

Spring rates and damping

To change the spring rates you unscrew the Spring Rating Screw (SRS) and use the damper gauge to change the space between the Spring pointer and the Damper case.
If you slide the Spring pointer to the center of the car you will have a softer Spring.
Do you slide the Spring pointer to the outside the Spring will be more hard.

Also you can change the position from the SRS Screw and the RHS Screw (Ride Height Screw)
We differ these two modes between SRS1 and SRS2.
At SRS1 the RHS is at the outer position, this means near to the Tire.
At SRS2 the RHS is at the inner position, this means near to the center of the Car.


SRS1                                                                      SRS2

To change the stiffness of damping you have to unscrew the 2 long screws from the dampers at the lower side of the main chassis. Here you use also the Damper gauge to setup the space between Damper and the Damper brace.
Here its the same principle like at the Springs. If you slide the damper to the outer side of the car the damping will be harder.
If you slide the damper more to the center the damping will be softer !

TIP: To see the correct values of damping and spring you can open the Setupsheet via a PDF Reader and put in the informations of your setup.
Now it will calculate your gF7mm and you see the correct value.

Here are again some Spring Charts where you can read also the gF/mm of your setups.
For the normal A700 Evo setupsheet you need to know that the calculation for Soft spring setup is wrong.
You have to multiplicate the result with  x1,2 to get the 100% correct value.
The calculation of the Std. spring is correct.
SRS1 Chart (Soft)
SRS2 Chart (Soft)
SRS1 Chart (Hard)
SRS2 Chart (Hard)

Ride height

The Ride height is pretty easy to setup via the RHS screw. If you screw them more in you will increase the Ride height and same principle for other direction. This change the pre-load to the leaf spring and this change the Ride height.

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