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SPR02 Modification

We have a new MOD for our SPR02 part to avoid beding of it.
For this you need to make a small chamfer on the SPR02 part as shown in the picture below. Such additional chamfer on SPR02 increases the rigity of SPR02/ST05/damper system, reduces the undamped bending of SPR02 under load and improves overall damping.

SPR02 Mod 3

The chamfer on SPR02 should be big enough to provide contact between ST05 and the damper axis.

SPR02 Mod 1

You can make this chamfer via round needle file or via round Dremel grinding tool.
Also its good to adjust the angle of the SPR02 with bending by hands. A photo of the correct angle is added herewith also.

SPR02 Mod 2